What is  S. A. G. E.?   Summoning  Angelic  Guidance  Everlasting


The Paranormal Response group is a little different from other teams. While we all strive to try and find the answers to the unknown, we do it with a little help from our friends.

Three of our five members have Archangels as spirit guides and two have a guardian angel. They will usually appear on an investigation for protection and they will come if called upon. We use their guidance and protection for ourselves and for certain spirits that are ready to call for help from a higher realm.

( Yes they do have free will, But sometimes a lost or confused spirit may initiate contact to seek help) In this case, Paranormal Response Medium (Rick) is able to determine the sincerity of the request.

We take each investigation seriously with caution and respect. We are constantly learning from our experiences and take along what we learn to each new investigation.  Be respectful to be respected.